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What is MX record?
MX record is an entry on the DNS server of the domain which indicates the IP address of the mail-server of the domain.
What is Spam?
Any unsolicited email sent as an advertisement, propaganda, chain-email, hoax-info or virus triggered email may be defined as spam.
What is Virus?
A program capable of replicating itself automatically may be defined as virus. Most of the time, viruses are capable of much damage to the computing environment.
What is Trojan?
Trojan is a virus program, which is capable of attaching itself to other files that are meant for some other purpose. Here the user executes.
Can virus and Trojans spread through emails?
Yes, Trojans and Viruses are capable of spreading through emails in the form of attachments to the emails. More often than not, these viruses would steal the email ids from the address-book of the infected computer and send itself out with the email id of the infected person or with a hoax email id taken or created using the addresses in infected computer.
How does CorpShieldTM help in spread of Virus through email?
CorpShieldTM acts as the email gateway for email from the vulnerable internet entering your organization. CorpShieldTM has implemented multiple vendor solution on its servers. This ensures that the client is not dependent on one individual vendor to update its virus definition files in the event of a new virus outbreak as in the case of most of the corporates. CorpShieldTM takes benefit of the new patches and def. files released by any one of the major vendors in the market.
But Spam causes no harm. Why should I be bothered about that?
Spams without any virus may not cause any apparent harm. But considering the Bandwidth and time wasted, the harm is already done.